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Welcome to the Wacom WILL Developer Documentation site

Choose how you want to integrate with Wacom technologies.


  • Add powerful digital ink features to your app

  • Take advantage of the WILL file format

  • Integrate with any operating system

  • Work with many types of devices and manufacturers

Wacom Device Kit

  • Give your users the ability to use Wacom devices with your app

  • Access raw pen and touch data from Wacom devices
  • Integrate for free

  • Designed to work with specific operating systems


                 Search for an SDK


WILL SDK for ink

  • WILL Ink Library for Windows
  • WILL Ink Library for Android
  • WILL Ink Library for iOS
  • WILL Ink Library for Web

WILL SDK for devices

  • Common Device Library (CDL) for Windows
  • Common Device Library (CDL) for Android

WILL SDK for signature

  • Signature Library for Windows
  • Signature Library for Android
  • Signature Library for iOS
  • SigCaptX Library for Windows

WILL SDK for documents

  • WILL Documents Library for Windows
  • WILL Documents Library for Android
  • WILL Documents Library for iOS

Wacom Device Kit

Wacom Device Kit

  • Bluetooth Stylus SDK for iOS
  • feel™ Multi-touch SDK for macOS
  • feel™ Multi-touch SDK for Windows
  • Wintab SDK for Windows
  • Digitizer Pen SDK for Android
  • STU SigCaptX Library for Windows
  • STU Library for Windows
  • STU Library for Linux

WILL™ SDKs are free to use with an evaluation license. Commercial licenses are also available.

The Wacom Device Kit is free to use without a license..

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