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As the worldwide market leader in digital inking we provide developers with software development kits and hardware to enhance products and applications with ink capability across platforms, operating systems and input methods.

We believe that creativity is a “human core competency”, it can’t be replaced, it will never be automated or out of fashion. Inking will remain the most natural and fastest way to express ideas and to be creative.

From handwriting and drawing apps to education and collaboration, WILL™ enables you to include digital ink support. Combine the advantages of technology and handwriting: speed, convenience, and collaboration, plus creativity, memory recall and conceptual development – and bring digital inking to people as the most powerful tool of personal creativity and expression.


The Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL™) represents pen strokes as digital ink. A pen stroke in its simplest form consists of a series of positional points and to achieve a high quality digital ink experience additional information is needed including stroke colour, width and appearance. The WILL SDK for Ink employs sophisticated techniques to record and render stroke data, applying smoothing algorithms to enhance the experience.

  • Natural Ink - provides high performance capturing, conversion to digital ink data, and various options for exchange and collaboration.
  • Smart Ink - provides personalized ink data with a wide range of information. Dynamic signature data, document hash, contextual information and more supplementary data add up to a comprehensive and accurate record.
  • Active Ink - enables real time collaboration with ink: writing and drawing on the same canvas without being in the same location or using the same device.

  • Input data smoothing

  • smooth and natural writing

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