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The parameters listed below can be passed in the command line to modify the driver installation process.
In the "Example" column <Installer.exe> represents the installer file which was downloaded e.g. C:\Users\<current user>\Downloads\WacomTablet_6.3.36-1.exe


Function (Release)ParameterExampleDescription
Uninstall/u<Installer.exe> /uThe uninstall argument is useful for quickly cleaning up installations that did not succeed or were partially successful.
Silent Install/s<Installer.exe> /sThe silent install option is usually used by companies or organisations for mass deployment without disrupting users. It should install the driver without any user input and no messages should occur during the install that are visible by the user. Silent installs will skip the .NET download and installation as that function is not silent.
STU Mode Install/custom STU_MODE<Installer.exe> /custom STU_MODEThe "STU mode" install option is typically used in signature environments as it prevents the tablet from functioning normally. The pen cannot be used for navigation in STU mode, instead it can only be used when a signature application assigns a signature window to the tablet. Once the signature is complete and submitted the pen should become inactive again.
No WDC Install (6.3.19)/opt nowdc<Installer.exe> /opt nowdcThe "No WDC" install option allows users to skip the installation of the WDC (Wacom Desktop Center) during the install process. This is helpful for large deployments of devices that don't use the WDC, taking up less space after the install and removing any requirements the machine may need for .NET 4.0/4.5. at least on the part of Wacom.
No User Help Install (6.3.16)/opt nohelp<Installer.exe> /opt nohelpThe "No User Help" install option allows users to skip the installation of the local User Help content during the install process. Online User Help content will still be accessible so long as a web connection is present.
No Internet Checks Install (6.3.29)/opt noinet<Installer.exe> /opt noinetThe "No Internet" install option allows users to skip the checks for, downloads of, and installation of any driver/WDC prerequisites during the install process.
Enable Driver Logging (6.3.31)/opt DebugDrv<Installer.exe> /opt DebugDrvThe Enable Driver Logging argument is useful for enabling full driver logging on install.
Enable Wintab and Driver Logging (6.3.31/opt DebugDll<Installer.exe> /opt DebugDllThe Enable Wintab logging argument is useful for enabling full Wintab and driver logging on install.

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