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As of release 6.3.21-3 the Wacom driver can be installed silently using the command shown below from a prompt with administrator privileges:

  wacomtablet_6.3.21-3.exe /s

To uninstall silently simply add /u to the command above.

Alternatively (and for older releases) you can proceed as below:

  • Rename the downloaded .exe extension to .zip, e.g. "WacomTablet_6.3.21-3.exe" becomes "WacomTablet_6.3.21-3.zip"
  • Extract all the files and folders from the zip file
  • Run "setup.exe /silent (/uninstall)"

To install/uninstall the DisplayLink video driver silently (e.g. via SCCM or a batch script) you will need to use the DisplayLink corporate installer guide - see below.

The silent installation switch for the MCT driver (for the 1031X) is "/s" - see also the MCT silent install command list

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