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The WILL SDK for signature provides the Signature Library used to capture handwritten signatures from a pen tablet. The library simplifies the interaction with Wacom pen tablets and provides API to manage and display signatures.

For a detailed description see the  Signature Library Overview

WILL SDK for signature versions

SDKComponentsLicense CostDescripion

WILL SDK for Signature - Windows

 SigCaptX Note...

The Windows Signature Library is installed as ActiveX controls
which can be used directly in Internet Explorer.
Other browsers (Firefox/Chrome/Edge) do not support ActiveX
and require an installation of the SigCaptX library.

Signature Library Lite

SigCaptX Library Lite

Signature Library

SigCaptX Library





Limited functionality - Wacom devices only

Full browser support - Wacom devices only

Full functionality - 3rd party devices, ISO and Encrypted signatures

Full browser support

WILL SDK for Signature - AndroidSignature Library


Full functionality - 3rd party devices, ISO and Encrypted signatures
WILL SDK for Signature - iOSSignature LibraryChargedFull functionality - 3rd party devices, ISO and Encrypted signatures


The license used in the application determines the level of functionality.

For example, WILL SDK for signature - Windows:

The same installation is used for both 'Signature Library' and 'Signature Library Lite' but the license for Signature Library Lite is available at no cost.

Signature Library Support Applications

Signature Library - Support Applications

Signature Scope - signature analysis application

MiniScope  - signature information display

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