WILL ServiceDesk and the Developer Documentation site has been upgraded and is available for general use.

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Download instructions

Download the SDK from https://developer.wacom.com/downloads 

  • Login using your Wacom ID
  • Select Downloads for signature
  • Download Signature SDK for Android

Download an evaluation license

A license is needed to use the Signature SDK and a fully functional evaluation license is free to download as follows:

  • Navigate to https://developer.wacom.com/developer-dashboard
  • login using your Wacom ID
  • Select Licenses
  • Select New Evaluation License
  • Select Generate Evaluation License for WILL SDK for signature
  • Return to Licenses where the new license file is ready for download
  • Download the license file

The license is supplied as a JWT text string in a text file. This will need to be copied into your application. The self-service evaluation licenses have a three-month expiry date from the time of creation. However you can generate a new license at any time.

SDK Contents

SDK File: Signature-SDK-Android.zip




SignatureSDK_.aar file:

This is the Wacom Signature App for Android that licensees can incorporate into their own apps to enable the capture of signature information input by a Wacom Digital pen on mobile devices and tablets running the Android operating software.

documentation\Javadoc API documentation


Java SDK demonstration project

Supporting Documentation

Application Development

Development environment

The Wacom Signature SDK for Android is supplied for use on Android Devices with a built in stylus, specifically it has been tested on:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note series(mobiles and tablets)
  • Wacom Cintiq Hybrid

The Signature SDK is compatible with Android 4.4 and onwards.


The Wacom Signature SDK for Android contains a set of Activities and Services which provide the functionality for capturing and displaying signatures from compatible Android devices.

The Wacom Signature SDK for Android consists of the following parts:

  • About Activity: This window consists of a simple dialog box with the version, licensing and contact information.

  • SigObj Service: This class wraps the java Signature SDK SigObj methods and properties, and makes it visible as an Android service available for public access from other applications.

  • DynamicCapture Activity: Opens a window for capturing the signature and returns the signature data as a byte array.

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