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SDK CategorySDKExamplesLicense Required ?
Wacom Device KitThese SDKs are free of charge and do not need a license:

 Wintab/Low Level APIs

WacomTablet_6.3.22-6.exe No

 Bluetooth Stylus.

Bluetooth_Stylus_SDK_2.1.5-1.zip No


STU-SDK-Windows-2.13.5.zip No
WILL SDK FamilyWith the exception of WILL for Ink, these SDKs require a license:

 WILL SDK for inkWILL_SDK_Android_1.8.4.zip  No 

 WILL SDK for devicesCDL-Android-1.0.34.zip Yes

 WILL SDK for signatureSignature-SDK-Android- Yes

 WILL SDK for documentsWILL-SDK-Documents-iOS-1.2.0.zip Yes

In practice, to download an SDK you will select an SDK Edition which contains a combination of SDKs as follows:


WILL SDK for Ink

WILL SDK for devices



License required


WILL SDK for Ink
WILL SDK for devices


WILL SDK for Ink
WILL SDK for devices


Types of license and how to get one


  • Open the Developer Dashboard: https://developer.wacom.com/developer-dashboard To open the page you will need to login with your Wacom ID
  • Select Licence Keys Licences to display the Manage License Keys page
  • Click New Evaluation License:

  • You can now select Generate License for the required product:
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    A message box indicates that a license has been created:

  • Select Licence Keys Licences to return to the Manage License Keys page. License keys are now available for download:

  • Click the Download icon to download the license. The license will be saved to a file named 'license.txt' by default.
  • At any time you can click the link to 'Renew License' then download a new license with a revised expiry date: