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Gliffy Diagram

Path style 

  • Stroke Colour - the colour used to render the stroke
  • Stroke Widths - list of positive values used to calculate the width of the stroke at different points along the path. If the list contains a single value, then the path has constant stroke width. If the list contains less values that the number of the control points used to define the path, the last value is taken multiple time to match the number of control points.


Path geometry is based on Catmull-Rom splines formulated such that the tangent at each point is calculated using the previous and next point on the spline:Image Removed

Image Added

  • Start Parameter - Specifies the t-value of the first segment from which the path should start.
  • End Parameter - Specifies the t-value of the last segment in which the path should end.


A Catmull-Rom curve is represented as a collection of two-dimensional positions P0, P1, P2, ... Pn , where each four points Pi-1, Pi, Pi+1, Pi+2 define one segment using Catmull-Rom interpolation method to define the curve between Pi and Pi+1.Image Removed

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Path Data

Data encoding

The technique of delta encoding is applied to all control point coordinates within a stroke, as well as the corresponding width values for strokes with variable width. To enable further optimization, these values are represented in integer form (as fixed-point numbers) before the delta encoding procedure.