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Welcome to the Wacom WILL Developer Documentation site

The site contents are arranged in the following sections:

SDK Selectionlist of Wacom devices and the SDKs which can be used with them 
WILL SDK - for inktools for manipulating pen data for real-time and static display images
WILL SDK - for devicestools for connection to a Wacom pen device
WILL SDK - for signaturetools to create and process Wacom handwritten signatures
WILL SDK - for documentstools to handle documents that contain digital ink information like handwritten text or signatures.
Low-Level APIsThe SDKs provide pen and touch implementations for all major platforms.

Bluetooth Stylus SDK for iOS

The SDK includes support for the following stylus:

  • Intuos® Creative Stylus
  • Intuos® Creative Stylus 2
  • Bamboo™ Stylus fineline
  • Bamboo™ Fineline 2
  • Bamboo™ Fineline

The core functionality of the SDK is to enable discovering and connecting to the stylus device, and to receive information on pressure and the button state of the device. Additionally, functionality to enable Touch Rejection is provided.

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