Use the SDK to add metadata to a PDF document, conforming to the Wacom Ink Document Metadata Format.
The SDK provides an API to manipulate the extended metadata saved in a PDF document.

The SDK does not include the PDF libraries needed to change the PDF itself.
In addition to the SDK you will need a separate PDF SDK such as ‘Adobe PDF Library SDK’ or similar.

Note that the SDK uses the name BaXter extensively. This is for historic reasons:

The Baxter SDKs were initially created to support CLB-Create and CLB-Paper applications developed for the Wacom Clipboard PHU-111, codenamed Barbera.
The source of the name Baxter is ‘Barbera Extensible Translator’.

The SDKs can be used universally to extend the contents of PDF documents, as described in:

Wacom Ink Document Metadata Format 

Documents SDKs

Documents SDK - WindowsSDK for documents - Windows
Documents SDK - AndroidSDK for documents - Android
Documents SDK - iOSSDK for documents - iOS

SDK Support Applications

Documents SDK - Ink Document Metadata FormatPDF Metadata Inspector
Documents SDK - Metadata File InspectorTest application to display PDF XMP metadata