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Documents SDK - Introduction

Important Note

This series of Wacom products is now discontinued and support for them is no longer offered.

The Wacom Ink SDK for documents supports the handling of PDF forms that contain digital ink information, including handwritten text or signatures. This makes it perfect for applications that require or enable the integration of paper and digital workflow elements.

The SDK is referred to as the Ink Document Metadata Library (IDML) and contains the library you need to manage the metadata used in ink documents:

  • Ink form fields metadata enables differentiation between text and signature ink fields for form-filling use cases
  • Mapping of unique page IDs to template pages in PDF documents
  • Form capturing device information
  • Content ink data stored as RAW data or compressed as WILL data
  • Biometric signature data stored in FSS format

By integrating the Wacom Ink SDK for devices, the Wacom Ink SDK for signature, and digital ink hardware such as the Wacom Clipboard, you can use Wacom’s end-to-end technology solution for any app that involves form-filling, document and signature workflows.

Use the SDK to add metadata to a PDF document, conforming to the Wacom Ink Document Metadata Format. Version 2 of the SDK provides an API to manipulate the extended metadata saved in a PDF document.

Important Note
Version 1 of the SDK does not include the PDF libraries needed to change the PDF contents. In addition to the SDK you will need a separate PDF SDK such as ‘Adobe PDF Library SDK’ or similar.

The SDK uses the name BaXter extensively. This is for historic reasons: The Baxter SDKs were initially created to support CLB-Create and CLB-Paper applications developed for the Wacom Clipboard PHU-111, codenamed Barbera. The source of the name Baxter is ‘Barbera Extensible Translator’.

The SDKs can be used to extend the contents of PDF documents, as described in:

Wacom Ink Document Metadata Format

Separate SDKs are available for:

A support tool is also available: