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Use the Common Device Library (CDL) to add a Wacom device to your application. The CDL provides high level functions to communicate with a Wacom pen device, leaving user interface handling to separate libraries, for example WILL SDK - Ink.

The CDL has been implemented in such a way that details of the Wacom device are abstracted and an application can use high level interfaces to use the device. For example, a device may support both USB and Bluetooth connections. The CDL allows an application to scan for devices and request a connection from one of those available. Subsequent CDL calls to send or receive data will be independent of the connection type.

In the same way, the CDL provides a level of abstraction for the type of Wacom device connected. The application will use common methods to send and receive data regardless of the device in use.

The CDL consists of two distinct versions.

Version 1 of CDL supports the following Wacom Smartpad devices

  • Wacom Clipboard (PHU-111)
  • Bamboo Slate
  • Bamboo Folio
  • Bamboo Spark
  • Intuos Pro: Paper Edition

This one is available for the following platforms

  • Windows
  • Android

Version 2.1 of CDL supports a wider range of Wacom tablet devices following the support provided by our tablet driver.