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Both Common Device Library (CDL) products are supplied as a single library that can handle different types of pen or touch input from Wacom and third-party devices. The benefits of using the CDL include:

  • Less implementation effort for developers: integration of a single library gives support for a range of input devices
  • The flexibility to include support for non-Wacom devices in an application
  • The freedom to take full advantage of the WILL™ digital ink ecosystem to provide high quality digital ink rendering without sacrificing the value of raw pen data needed in processes such as signature verification
  • A generic interface relieves the application code from direct control of the connected hardware

Using the CDL library you can:

  • Search for available devices
  • Connect to a device
  • Receive input from a connected device

More specific information to each version can be found via the links below.

Click here for more information on version 2.1

Click here for more information on version 1