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The purpose of the Wacom Ink SDK for verification is to verify handwritten signatures. It uses and extends the existing verification tools, including the SSV (Static Signature Verification) SDK for processing scanned images, and the DSV (Dynamic Signature Verification) SDK which handles signatures captured in Wacom's proprietary FSS (Forensic Signature Store) format.

The verification SDK supports all the functionality of the previous SDKs but handles both formats in a single component and allows individual signing variability to be measured by enrolling signature samples in a template.


Download the SDK from Developer Downloads:

  • Login using your Wacom ID
  • Select Downloads for ink
  • Download Wacom Ink SDK for verification

SDK Contents:

Wacom-Ink-SDK-Verification-x64-1.0.10.msiThe SDK installer for 64-bit Windows
Wacom-Ink-SDK-Verification-x86-1.0.10.msiThe SDK installer for 32-bit Windows

Sample code

Sample code is supplied and described on GitHub:

Important Note A license is required to run the sample application. This can be obtained from Wacom support.

Third Party Software and Licenses

The SDK uses no third party libraries.