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NB: To prevent application issues, .NET Desktop Runtime needs to be installed before running the SDK.

Use the Wacom Ink SDK for multi-display to present an application on a Wacom tablet display in such a way that it is isolated from normal Windows cursor controls such as the mouse:


System Components:

Server Application – the application is created using the SDK to communicate with the Client Tray application. The business logic in the server app controls the display content on the connected Wacom tablet and processes pen input from the device.

SDK – a collection of libraries is included in a .NET NuGet package. The API includes support for:

  • messaging between the Server and Client applications
  • PDF utilities used to parse PDF documents into image and input field definitions
  • JSON configurations used to define the different modes of operation

Messages exchanged between the Server and Control applications are used to switch between different tablet modes, retrieve input data and render images on the tablet display.

Client tray application – the application is installed in the Windows system tray and communicates with the Server application over TCP. The Client application uses the installed Wacom tablet driver to update the tablet display and receive pen input over the USB cable interface.

Mirror – optionally the Client application will reproduce the tablet display in a window and support mouse input to emulate tablet pen input.

Wacom tablet display – the Wacom tablet is treated as a separate Windows display and controlled by the Client application to support:

  • image display
  • pen input
  • disabled mouse control - the Windows mouse cursor is prevented from entering the display area

General operation

The Client application supports several modes under control of the Server:

  • document display – displays a document with scroll and page navigation
  • PDF Document display – displays a PDF document with form field input. Wacom pen input is used to fill the fields with virtual keyboard support
  • Signature mode – captures a biometric signature using pen input
  • Web display – displays a web page
  • Idle mode – presents a slideshow of images or videos until switched to an alternative mode
  • Mirror – the tablet display can be simultaneously reproduced in a mirror window

The different modes are selected by the Server application using the SDK API with JSON configuration data. Details of these actions can be found in the SDK Sample Application.