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A sample application is available with instructions on GitHub:

The sample application is supplied for Windows 10 and above to demonstrate using the SDK.

Development Environment

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 is required to build the sample code.

A Wacom display tablet such as DTU-1141 must be installed to use the application. This must appear as a separate device in Windows Display Settings.

Sample App Display

Follow the instructions in GitHub to compile the application and run it alongside the Client Tray application:

Sample Application

On startup a message exchange between the server application and client tray app establishes a connection shown in the screenshot. Throughout its operation the sample Server app displays a summary of messages received from the Client app.

Sample App Menu Options


Mirroring toggles the option of mirroring the tablet display in a window. Pen input on the tablet is simulated using the mouse, e.g. right-click the mouse to simulate a button click.


When the Mirror window has been enabled, its contents can be blanked for privacy. The button toggles the privacy state.

Open Document

Opens a PDF document on the tablet. The document can be scrolled and pages navigated. Input fields can be completed using the tablet pen with a virtual keyboard.

The parameters required for the function are set through a dialog, for example:

Open Document

The parameter selections are defined as follows:

  • Document file path: full path to the PDF document to be opened
  • Document View definition file path: full path to the XAML definition
  • Page to show (index): Page number to display
  • (Optional) thumbnails (from-to): values indicating the start and end points for the page thumbnail images

The xaml definition file defines the layout of the display and the controls to be included. A number of sample definitions are included, for example with and without the thumbnail display.

Further details can be found here: Document View

Open PDF

Opens a PDF document for display only.

A dialog provides selection of the PDF:

Open PDF

The PDF can be a local file or an external URL.

See PDF Display for further details.

Open Web

Opens the web page specified in the 'input web address' field. The web page can be navigated through its links but data input is not supported.

See Web Display for further details.

Open Idle

Selects Idle mode on the tablet display determined by dropdown:

  • Image mode
  • Video mode

Using the idle file collection 'default' or by a custom name set in 'Update Media Files'

See Idle Mode for further details.

Update Media Files

Update Media

Copies image or video files to the selected media folder. For example set custom name 'demo', browse to a collection of image files, select one or more files, open. Update then copies the files to the custom folder, e.g. media\images\custom\demo

Similarly the default images can be updated in media\default

Further details can be found in the Introduction here: Idle Mode

Open Signature

Selects signature capture on the tablet display.

The parameters required for the function are set through a dialog, for example:

Open Signature

As a minimum the command requires`

  • xaml definition for the signature capture window contents and layout
  • JSON parameters for the signature capture function

As an option the capture window can be supplied with a background image. Optionally the signature data can be encrypted by supplying a .CER certificate.

See Signature View for further details.

Update App config

A dialog is used to select an alternative app_config.json file for the Client app:

Update App config

On completion the Client configuration file is overwritten with the supplied file:

Wacom Ink SDK for Multi-Display\Config\app_config.json

Changes made in the configuration will take effect when the Client tray app is restarted.

If the configuration is changed via API, a modified copy of the relevant file is created.

Further details can be found here: Client Configuration

Update Keyboard Layout

A dialog is used to select a new keyboard layout:

Update Keyboard Layout

See Keyboard Layout for details.

On successful completion the Client fileset is updated in: Wacom Ink SDK for Multi-Display\Resources\Keyboards

Changes made in the configuration will take effect when the Client tray app is restarted.


Use this dialog to upload additional thumbnail page images for a document previously opened using Open Document. Thumbnails are optional when a document is opened and additional images can be uploaded using this command. Thumbnails can be uploaded separately to reduce the initial document display time. See Document View - Thumbnail data

Change state

Use this feature to enable or disable buttons in the currently displayed Document View:

For example, in the DocumentView.xaml example the button used to select thumbnails is identified as:

<Button x:Name="ThumbnailsBtn"

In the input field enter the name of the control:

Thumbnails dialog

Change state will remove the button from the document view on the tablet and Mirror.

The button can then be restored by checking the IsEnabled field.