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Web Display

Server-Client messages:


ClearBrowserCookiesMessage will clear any display detailing browser cookies. It features the following parameters:

  • Url: The cookie URL. If no value, or an empty string, is provided, any URL will be matched. The protocol (i.e. "https://") shouldn't be included in the parameter*.
  • Name: The name of the cookie. If no value, or an empty string, is provided, any cookie name will be matched.

*Currently, Url doesn't seem to work for all websites, even provided that you pass in a null or empty string for the Url value, which should effectively clear all cookies. This is likely due to the website and/or third-party browser components, neither of which can be controlled.


Use OpenWebMessage to display a web document on the tablet display.

The display of a web document is achieved through the integration of CEFSharp (chromium embedded framework c#).

OpenWebMessage features an optional IncognitoMode parameter. The possible values for this are:

  • null (default): this is how it appears by default. NB: Incognito mode is an optional setting and is not required to be set.
  • true: allows the use of incognito mode and in-memory caching
  • false: this will enable caching to the disk by default, or to a custom folder specified within the app_config.

NB: if not null, the parameter effectively overrides the app_config setting. Incognito mode is on by default for compatibility with previous versions.

Message DataDescription
WithUrlfile pathname or URL
IncognitoModeToggle value to enable use of incognito mode and in-memory caching

Client-Server messages: