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The full range of Wacom STU signature pads is supported. Some of the models have reached end of production life but still require software support. As new models have been introduced additional functionality has been added and this is catered for in the Software Development Kits (SDKs). The interface specification is not publicly available and instead access to the devices is made through the use of an SDK.

STU Models

Model      Description
STU-300Mono 396x100 resolution (end of production)
STU-300bMono 396x100 resolution
STU-500Mono 640x480 resolution (end of production)
STU-520Colour 800x480 resolution (end of production)
STU-430Mono 320x200 resolution
STU-430VMono 320x200 resolution, operates serially via virtual COM port. Requires specific configuration and/or coding
STU-530Colour 800x480 resolution
STU-540Colour 800x480 resolution. Can operate serially for use with RDP or Citrix and supports on-board images for optimal performance in serial mode
STU-541Colour 800x480 resolution. Uses TLS encryption for maximum security. Supports on-board images like the STU-540 but cannot operate serially