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SigCaptX - Getting Started


Download instructions:

Installation programs are included as part of the STU SDK download:

Wacom-STU-SigCaptX-.msiSTU SigCaptX Installer includes 32-bit :
-STU SigCaptX service
-STU components
Wacom-STU-SigCaptX-.exeCombined installer includes 32-bit:
-STU SigCaptX service
-STU components
-STU driver


STU SigCaptX installs STU SDK components which can be used with a range of web browsers. Previously this was only possible using Internet Explorer with ActiveX technology. The product has been tested with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

The SigCaptX product requires:

  • Windows 10 or higher
  • Browser websocket support: IE10+, Chrome, Firefox


Run the installer to install the STU and server components.

It is not necessary to install the STU SDK in addition to STU SigCaptX since wgssSTU.dll is included in the installation.

Open the HTML sample PortCheck to verify the installation:

SDK Port Check

Additional signature application samples can then be tested on the system using an STU signature tablet.