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CDL version 1


Version 1 provides a unified application interface to Wacom devices. The features provided by the CDL can be grouped into three modes:

  • connectivity
  • file transfer
  • real-time ink transfer.


This mode deals with device connection. It provides the following features:

  • Scan for all available Wacom Devices (BTLE, BTC, USB)
  • First time connection functions
  • Initial Connection
  • Pairing
  • Device setup (e.g. naming)
  • Authorization

File transfer

The file transfer mode is used to receive data (pages) from supported devices. The raw ink data received from the device is transformed by the CDL into an InkDocument object and passed in this form to the API user. The API user is able to specify a transform matrix that the CDL applies to raw points before path building.

Real-time ink transfer

A CDL device instance is able to provide real-time ink data to an Ink Canvas control or another consumer. The data is transferred in the form of WILL Path objects (path parts). The Ink Canvas is able to render the paths on the fly. At the end of each stroke the CDL sends the whole InkStroke object.

Device properties

In addition to the three operating modes, the CDL also provides an interface that returns the following properties for the connected device:

  • Sensor dimensions
  • Device name
  • ESN
  • Firmware version
  • Device date/time
  • Battery state