WILL ServiceDesk and the Developer Documentation site has been upgraded and is available for general use.

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Welcome to the Wacom WILL Developer Documentation site

**In a continual effort to better serve our developers, we are in the process of making updates and improvements to the Wacom WILL Developer Documentation site. While visiting our site, you may notice inconsistencies in formatting and/or the naming and classification of our products and services. Please know that this is all temporary as we continue to improve our site and that we are doing our best to provide you with the most accurate and helpful information, sample code, and documentation. Thank you for your ongoing patience.**

The purpose of these pages is to provide supplementary technical information for software products downloaded from our primary developer website: https://developer.wacom.com

As a part of this initiative we are in the process of introducing the use of GitHub to host sample code. The first phase of using GitHub is with the Windows Signature SDK where sample code is no longer saved in these pages but found in the relevant GitHub repositories. This approach will be extended over time as we aim to improve the ease of use of our products.

Choose how you want to integrate with Wacom technologies.


  • Add powerful digital ink features to your app

  • Take advantage of the WILL file format

  • Integrate with any operating system

  • Work with many types of devices and manufacturers

Wacom Device Kit

  • Give your users the ability to use Wacom devices with your app

  • Access raw pen and touch data from Wacom devices
  • Integrate for free

  • Designed to work with specific operating systems


                     Search for an SDK


WILL SDK for ink

  • WILL Ink Library for Windows
  • WILL Ink Library for Android
  • WILL Ink Library for iOS
  • WILL Ink Library for Web

WILL SDK for devices

  • Common Device Library (CDL) for Windows
  • Common Device Library (CDL) for Android
  • Common Device Library (CDL) for iOS

WILL SDK for signature

  • Signature Library for Windows
  • Signature Library for Android
  • Signature Library for iOS
  • SigCaptX Library for Windows

WILL SDK for documents

  • WILL Documents Library for Windows
  • WILL Documents Library for Android
  • WILL Documents Library for iOS

Wacom Device Kit

Wacom Device Kit

  • Bluetooth Stylus SDK for iOS
  • feel™ Multi-touch SDK for macOS
  • feel™ Multi-touch SDK for Windows
  • Wintab SDK for Windows
  • Digitizer Pen SDK for Android
  • STU SigCaptX Library for Windows
  • STU Library for Windows
  • STU Library for Linux

WILL™ SDKs are free to use with an evaluation license. Commercial licenses are also available.

The Wacom Device Kit is free to use without a license..

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