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Wacom Pen Devices

Select an SDK to add one of these Wacom products to your application:

Wacom Product Examples 
PEN COMPUTERCintiq Companion 2, Wacom MobileStudio Pro
PEN DISPLAYCintiq 13HD, DTU-1041

Intuos Pro, Intuos Pro Paper, STU tablet

STYLUSBamboo Ink, Bamboo Sketch
SMARTPADBamboo Folio, Bamboo Slate

See this page to find an SDK to help with your application development: Find the right SDK for your project

Wacom SDKs

SDK Category



Wacom Device Kit

Use these SDKs to capture raw pen data from a Wacom pen device.

Using these SDKs the developer provides the code to store, process and render pen data

 Wintab/Low Level APIs


 Bluetooth Stylus.





Use these SDKs to work with Wacom pen devices using WILL and Digital Ink.

Using these SDKs the developer can use the relevant WILL SDK to store, process and render pen data.

 WILL SDK for ink


 WILL SDK for devices


 WILL SDK for signature


 WILL SDK for documents


Wacom Device Kit

The SDKs includes:

  •  Wintab/Low Level APIs
  •  Bluetooth Stylus.
  •  STU SDK

The Wacom Device Kit allows you to integrate support for Wacom signature pads or pen displays into your applications, Using these SDKs you can capture live pen data from a device and provide your own methods to store, process and render pen stroke.

WILL SDK for ink

The WILL™ SDK for ink allows you to include premium digital inking features in your applications. Its modularized architecture allows each module to be configured, replaced, or omitted as required by the specific application, providing you with superior flexibility. You can also use the WILL file format (.will) to exchange ink content between applications and platforms.

The WILL™ data format is similar to SVG, but is specifically designed to accommodate digital ink content. It is used for exchanging ink content between devices and applications, and is implemented as an open and extensible binary format. Note that the main modules of the WILL software library do not rely on a specific file format. You can use InkML, SVG, PNG or others to exchange handwritten content, according to an application’s specific requirements.

WILL™ supports a variety of input technologies and generates the best possible ink through the use of these modules:

  1. Path generation and Smoothing taking into account the specific characteristics of each input type, including the pen movement and pressure
  2. Rasterizer providing advanced real-time stroke rendering
  3. Manipulation supporting editing functions that leverage the WILL stroke mathematical model
  4. Serialization encoding: encodes and decoding WILL stroke data

The WILL™ SDK for ink provides platform-specific packages for iOS, Android, Windows UWP and Web. These packages provide a deep integration with the hosting platform by using native packaging and programming techniques and by providing platform-specific language bindings for all modules in the software library. Additional integration can be supported on request under a high-profile partnership contract.

WILL SDK for devices

The WILL™ SDK for devices allows you to integrate Wacom hardware and third-party inking devices into your applications. The Common Device Library (CDL) SDK supports the Wacom Smartpads (Folio, Slate), and Intuos Pro Paper Edition. Furthermore, it supports the Apple pencil on iPad Pro. For future releases the support for further Wacom devices as well as inking devices from other vendors will be added. Depending on the device, platform-specific packages are provided for iOS, Android, Windows UWP/Desktop, and Web. Further Wacom device support is provided by the Wacom Device Kit.

The CDL is designed as a library capable of handling different types of pen input device. Besides Wacom Devices, third-party devices and touch input will be considered. There are several advantages of this concept:

  • Less implementation effort for developers: integration of one library providing support for several pen input devices,
  • Flexibility as non-Wacom devices are supported,
  • CDL has the option to receive RAW data from the device, allowing the developer to take full advantage of the WILL system for high quality front-end and UI without sacrificing original data for internal / back-end usage,
  • Smooth integration of WILL format in support of Wacom's ecosystem for digital ink and digital stationery

WILL SDK for signature

The WILL™ SDK for signature allows you to integrate support for Wacom signature pads or pen displays into your applications. through the use of the Signature Library. The integration enhances the capture and display of signatures for applications such as banking, credit cards and other identity capture uses. After multiple transactions text and images retain clarity on the screen thanks to Wacom’s SDK and signature pads.

The Signature Library includes the tools necessary to enable applications to capture biometric handwritten signatures with STU series, pen displays, pen tablets and mobile devices – operating with Windows, iOS or Android. The library requires minimal effort to integrate, and automatically renders digital ink, displays dialog boxes, and captures full biometric signature data.

The Wacom SigCaptX Library is an extension of the Windows Signature Library. SigCaptX contains components which allow a signature enabled web application to be used in a range of browsers. It has been tested with Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

WILL SDK for documents

The WILL™ SDK for documents supports the handling of forms that contain digital ink information like handwritten text or signatures. The SDK contains the Ink document metadata Library which handles meta-data used in ink documents:

  • Ink forms fields meta data: Differentiates between text and signature ink fields - for form filling use cases
  • Mapping of unique page ids to template pages in the PDF
  • Device information of the form capturing device
  • Content ink data stored as RAW data or compressed as WILL data
  • Biometric signature data stored as FSS

In combination with the WILL™ SDK for devices,  WILL™ SDK for signature, and digital ink hardware, such as the Wacom Clipboard, the SDK offers an end-to-end technology solution for form filling, document, and signature workflows. 

To download an SDK:

  1. open https://developer.wacom.com/downloads
  2. login with your Wacom ID
  3. Select Downloads
  4. Select the SDK from the available options:
    • For ink

    • For devices

    • For signature
    • For documents
    • Wacom Device Kit

    You can then download the selected SDK.

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