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Download instructions:

Download the SDK from https://developer.wacom.com/downloads

  • login using your Wacom ID
  • Select Wacom Device Kit
  • Select the link to Download STU SDK for Windows Desktop

SDK Contents

SDK File: STU-SDK-Windows.zip

documentation\Contains Getting Started guides for STU-SDK and STU-SigCaptX


WIndows SDK installer Wacom-STU-SDK-.msi
Installs components and samples

STU-SigCaptX\Windows installers:
.msi -  installs SigCaptX components
.exe - combined installer for STU + SigCaptX +STU driver

SDK Support

STU SDK - Windows - Getting StartedGetting Started guide
STU SDK - Windows - RedistributionSDK redistribution guide
STU SDK - Windows - SigCaptXSTU SigCaptX SDK - Cross browser support for the STU SDK

Application Development

Windows 7 or higher.
A driver must be installed to use colour STU tablets (see STU Driver ).
The driver must also be installed for all STU models on Windows 8.1 (to override Enhanced Power Management)


The Wacom STU SDK provides a comprehensive software interface to the STU series tablets, developed for Windows 7 or higher.
Depending of the STU model and the version of Windows,  the STU Driver referenced above must be installed.

The main component of the SDK is wgssSTU.dll
32-bit and 64-bit versions are included in the SDK and the 32-bit version is registered by the installer for ActiveX/COM use.
The installer provides Start menu options to access the SDK documentation.
Sample source code is provided for C++, C and Java. The COM interface is demonstrated in HTML samples.


Accept the conditions of the End User Agreement displayed by the installer to use the product.
Use the 'Advanced' button to change the default installation folder.

API Documentation

The STU SDK installer provides "Start" menu options to access the SDK documentation. These are on the Start screen under "Wacom STU SDK". The documents include:

  • C reference manual at Wacom STU SDK\C\doc\index.html
  • C++ reference manual at Wacom STU SDK\cpp\doc\index.html
  • COM reference manual at Wacom STU SDK\COM\doc\index.html
  • Java reference manual at Wacom STU SDK\Java\doc\index.html
  • Getting started overview at Wacom STU SDK\doc\GettingStarted.html

In a default installation the SDK folder will be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Wacom STU SDK.