WILL ServiceDesk and the Developer Documentation site has been upgraded and is available for general use.

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Download instructions:

Download the SDK from https://developer.wacom.com/downloads

  • Login using your Wacom ID
  • Select Downloads for signature
  • Download Signature SDK for Windows Desktop

Signature Library License:

A license is required to use the Signature Library. This is handled by including a text based license string in the application code.

License costs have been relaxed for the Windows version of the Signature Library and the standard functions can now be used free of charge.
The Standard Signature Library license is supplied with the Windows sample code and supports all of the library functions with the exception of:

  • ISO signature format 
  • Signature Encryption
  • Signature capture using non-Wacom hardware

To use any of the excluded functions you will need a custom production license.
Custom production licenses must be requested from your regional Wacom Sales representative. If you do not have contact with a Wacom Sales Representative, please inform us here: Contact Sales

Until a production license has been obtained, a fully functional evaluation license is free to download as follows:

  • Navigate to https://developer.wacom.com/developer-dashboard
  • login using your Wacom ID
  • Select Licenses
  • Select New Evaluation License
  • Select Generate Evaluation License for WILL SDK for signature
  • Return to Licenses where the new license file is ready for download
  • Download the license file

The license is supplied as a text string in a text file and will need to be copied into your application. The self-service evaluation licenses have a three-month expiry date from the time of creation. However you can generate a new license at any time.
The only limitation of the evaluation license is that 'Evaluation' will be displayed in signatures captured using the license.

SDK Contents

SDK File: Signature-SDK-Windows.zip



User Guide and API documentation





Installs 32-bit components on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows

Installs 64-bit and 32-bit components on 64-bit Windows




Installs SigCaptX components

Combined installer includes SIgCaptX and Signature SDK components

SDK Support

Signature Library - Windows - Installation OptionsInstallation options
Signature Library - Windows - SamplesCode samples

Signature SDK - FAQs

Signature Library - Windows - SigCaptXSigCaptX - Cross browser support for the Signature SDK

Application Development

The Wacom Signature Software Development Kit provides the documentation and tools to create signature enabled applications.

The Wacom SigCaptX Software Development Kit is an extension of the Wacom Signature SDK. SigCaptX installs components which allow a signature enabled web application to be used in a range of browsers. Previously this was only possible using Internet Explorer with ActiveX technology. The product has been tested with Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Chrome and Firefox.


A driver must be installed to use colour STU tablets, see: STU Driver
To use a Wacom Pen Display Tablet (such as the DTU-1141) the tablet driver must be installed to provide a Wintab interface.


To create 32-bit applications on either 32 or 64-bit Windows platforms, install the toolkit: Wacom-Signature-SDK-x86.msi
To create 64-bit applications on a 64-bit Windows platform, install the toolkit: Wacom-Signature-SDK-x64.msi
To install only the DLL components from the SDK see Installer-Options.pdf

PDF documents

PDF API documentation is included in the SDK installation.

Browser Support

The Signature SDK can be used in an HTML page by accessing the ActiveX controls with JavaScript.
However ActiveX technology is generally limited to Internet Explorer.
To use the signature components in other internet browsers, install the SigCaptX cross-browser development kit.
SigCaptX installs components which allow a signature enabled web application to be used in a range of browsers.
The product has been tested with Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

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