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Important Note

This series of Wacom products is now discontinued and support for them is no longer offered.

Intended Audience

This document is intended to assist iOS and iPadOS developers who would like to add Wacom Bluetooth Stylus capabilities to their applications.


The Wacom Bluetooth Stylus Framework gives you the tools you need so that your app can interface with Wacom stylus products in your drawing or handwriting application.

  • Pair your app with stylus products and iPads or iPhones by Bluetooth Smart, based on the Core Bluetooth framework.
  • Capture pressure data so you can use that information to add drawing or writing to your app.
  • Make your app easier to use by applying a function to stylus buttons.
  • Improve line quality in your app by letting the SDK handle touch information for you and by accessing coalesced touch information.
  • Enhance the accuracy of your app by incorporating touch rejection.

Supported Wacom Styli

  • Intuos® Creative Stylus
  • Intuos® Creative Stylus 2
  • Bamboo™ Fineline
  • Bamboo™ Fineline 2
  • Bamboo™ Stylus Fineline
  • Bamboo™ Sketch

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