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Important Note

The iOS release of sign pro is now discontinued; support for sign pro PDF for iOS is no longer offered.

sign pro PDF digitizes the capture of handwritten signatures and text and adding them to digital documents. It enables people to sign important documents in a legally-binding way using a digital pen, in the office or at home. It also features highly accurate handwriting recognition, allowing you to add text to forms and documents quickly and easily. The app runs flawlessly on Wacom devices and many other pen-enabled Windows devices. For future releases, adding integration for additional Wacom devices will be added.

Benefits of the software include:

  • Digitization of the most accepted way to sign contracts, approve decisions and provide consent
  • Accelerates document-centric workflows by eliminating paper documents, even when working remotely
  • Built-in encryption
  • Significant time and cost savings by eliminating paper printing, scanning, mailing and archiving
  • Highly accurate handwriting recognition, enabling fast and easy form-filling and annotation