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SDK Contents

SDK File:

sdk\WacomSignatureSDK.frameworkSDK library
sdk\WacomSignatureResources.bundleSDK resources
Documentation\htmlapi documentation - see index.html
Documentation*.pdfpdf developer guides
sample-code\Objective-CObjective-C code samples
sample-code\Swiftand Swift code samples

Application Development

The Wacom Signature SDK for iOS provides the documentation and tools to create signature enabled applications on compatible iOS devices.


The Wacom Signature SDK is supported on the iPad with Retina Display or newer (including the iPad mini and iPad mini with retina display) in combination with the following Wacom Styli:

  • Intuos Creative Stylus (CS-500)
  • Intuos Creative Stylus 2 (CS-600)
  • Bamboo Stylus Fineline (CS-600-C)
  • Bamboo Stylus Fineline (CS-610-CK)

The Signature SDK supports iOS 6.1 or newer using Xcode 5.1.1 or above.


Please read and understand the License Agreement before using the Wacom Signature SDK for iOS.

The SDK contains additional documentation and sample code to help integrate it with your iOS applications. For help with building the sample code see the GitHub page.


The samples for the iOS SDK are hosted on GitHub: