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Upgrading to version 2

Users wishing to upgrade to version 2 of the Signature SDK for JavaScript will need to make a number of adjustments.

Adjustments to the SDK

In order to upgrade to version 2 of the SDK, users must go to the Downloads page of DevRel.

From the Downloads page, select the tab: For signature. Then, download version 2 of the Wacom Ink SDK for signatures for JavaScript.

The way in which the SDK is packaged - i.e. as a JS and WASM component - will remain the same, but with an added library for connecting to STU devices, stu_sdk.min.js.

Adjustments to the sample

The major change from version 1 to version 2 is that the SDK no longer requires the Wacom SDK for ink for Web as a dependency. Thus, it is no longer necessary to insert the WILL Ink SDK into the sample code.

There are 3 sections of the sample that will require adjustments: the complete demo, demonstrating the full functionality of the SDK; a simplified demo which shows the core functionality, and the Wizard demo, which illustrates the options provided by the SDK's Wizard component.

A number of key points about version 2's sample are:

  • Valid licenses used previously for version 1 are not compatible with version 2
  • node_modules is no longer required to be included within the directory's root

This guide will cover each individual file and detail the functions that require adjustment.