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License Management

A license is required to use the Signature Library. This is handled by including a text based license string in the application code.

License costs have been relaxed for the Windows version of the Signature Library and the standard functions can now be used free of charge. A standard Signature Library production license is supplied in the GETTING STARTED document which accompanies the Windows sample code on Github; it supports all of the library functions with the exception of:

  • ISO signature format
  • Signature Encryption
  • Signature capture using non-Wacom hardware

Until a production license has been obtained, a fully functional evaluation license is free to download as follows.

Evaluation License

Navigate to

  • Login using your Wacom ID
  • Select Licenses
  • Select New Evaluation License
  • Select Generate Evaluation License for Wacom Ink SDK for signature
  • Return to Licenses where the new license file is ready for download
  • Download the license file

The license is supplied as a text string in a text file and will need to be copied into your application. The self-service evaluation licenses have a three-month expiry date from the time of creation. However you can generate a new license at any time. The only limitation of the evaluation license is that 'Evaluation' will be displayed in signatures captured using the license.


Production License

To use any of the excluded functions you will need a custom production license. Custom production licenses must be requested from your regional Wacom Sales representative. If you do not have contact with a Wacom Sales Representative, please inform us here:


You can contact sales by going to