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Windows SDK

SDK Contents

SDK File:

SignatureSDK\Wacom-Signature-SDK-x86-.msiInstalls 32-bit components on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows
Wacom-Signature-SDK-x64-.msiInstalls 64-bit and 32-bit components on 64-bit Windows
SigCaptX\Wacom-Signature-SDK-SigCaptX-.msiInstalls SigCaptX components
SigCaptX\Wacom-SigCaptX-.exeCombined installer includes SIgCaptX and Signature SDK components

Running the Installer

The SDK is installed by running the 32 or 64-bit MSI file as required:


To install the SDK normally, run from Windows Explorer.

Alternatively, launch the installer with msiexec:

msiexec /i Wacom-Signature-SDK.msi

The quiet option allows a UI free installation:

msiexec /q /i Wacom-Signature-SDK.msi

The logging option can be used to record the installation, e.g.:

msiexec /q /l*v log.txt /i Wacom-Signature-SDK.msi

The product can be uninstalled using the command:

msiexec /x Wacom-Signature-SDK.msi

The installer must be run in an elevated mode. When run normally in interactive mode (without the quiet option), it will prompt for elevation or Administrator credentials. When using the quiet option, it must be run from an elevated command line, e.g.:

Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Right-click "Command Prompt" then select "Run as Administrator"

Installer Options

A number of options are available so that specific components can be installed with or without a full SDK installation:

To include/preselect Java components:JAVA=1
To include/preselect .Net components:DOTNET=1
To exclude x86 components from x64 installer *:WIN32=0
To exclude Windows shortcuts and utilities:MINIMAL=1
To add 32-bit component folders to system PATH:ADDPATH=Win32
To add 64-bit component folders to system PATH:ADDPATH=Win64
To disable the hourglass icon displayed by the Wizard control on the STU-430 and STU-530WIZARDSHOWWAIT=0
To use shared access to an STU tabletSTUSHARED=1

By default, the x64 installer will install both 32- and 64-bit components.


Install the SDK with Java components preselected:

 msiexec JAVA=1 /i Wacom-Signature-SDK-x86-1.26.0.msi

Install components for an HTML application:

 msiexec /q MINIMAL=1 /i Wacom-Signature-SDK-x86-1. 26.0.msi

Install components for a Java application:

 msiexec /q MINIMAL=1 JAVA=1 /i Wacom-Signature-SDK-x86-1. 26.0.msi

PDF documents

PDF API documentation is available here:

API OverviewOverview of the Signature SDK API
Java APIAPI for Java developers to use in parallel with the COM API

Application Development

The Wacom Signature Software Development Kit provides the documentation and tools to create signature-enabled applications.

Signature Library Installation

The Signature Library is installed as a set of ActiveX/COM components in the folder:

          C:\Program Files\Common Files\WacomGSS

When the 32-bit version is installed on 64-bit Windows the components are installed in:

          C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\WacomGSS


The samples for the Windows SDK are hosted on GitHub: