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CLB Paper

Important Note

This series of Wacom products is now discontinued and support for them is no longer offered.


Wacom's CLB Paper enables users to fill out paper forms on a Wacom Clipboard (PHU-111). Pen strokes are rendered in real time in CLB Paper as they're drawn. When the completed forms are saved, the pen strokes are saved in a PDF document with field contents converted to the specified format of text, biometric signature, or freehand annotation.

The field definitions are made using the companion application CLB Create. The barcode printed on a form will link the paper copy to the electronic PDF document template.

CLB Paper Downloads

CLB Paper for iOS

CLB Paper for iOS is no longer available.

CLB Paper for Android

CLB Paper for Android can be downloaded below. For users who wish to use CLB Paper while offline, there exists a PDF below to illustrate how to set CLB Paper up for offline use.

CLB Paper v1.0.17

CLB Paper Offline QSG

CLB Paper Android QSG (EN)