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Wacom-Miniscope.exe Windows installer


MiniScope displays a summary of signature information.

An important objective in the design of the Signature software was to ensure that the electronic data is superior to inked signatures on paper. The forensic strength of the data is of paramount importance, and means that the data-collection philosophy differs in many respects from competing signature technologies.

A key principle is that during the collection of the signature the software stores the data exactly as it is supplied by the device. Each type of data (i.e. positions, times, pressures etc.) is collected with metric information which describes the units being used by the device, and this is stored with the raw point data to allow the conversion to true units when required. The advantage of this is that the accuracy of the information is determined by the device and cannot be compromised by the conversion process.

In addition to the pen-data, contextual data is collected and stored with the signature. This includes:

  • name of the signatory
  • date and time at which the signature was given
  • reason for signing
  • make and type of digitizer being used
  • type and version of the digitizer driver being used
  • type and version of the operating system of the client PC being used
  • Network Interface Card address of the PC
  • hash type and data used for the document being signed (if used)
  • hash type and data used to control the integrity of the signature data

Some of the forensic data can be accessed and displayed using the published API provided with the signature tools. For detailed forensic analysis Wacom has developed the SignatureScope application which is restricted for use by Forensic Document Examiners. For other users MiniScope can be used to display summary information about the signature. A single Pressure graph is provided to illustrate the data content in a signature.


Download and install Wacom-Miniscope-x86.msi The application installs without a license.


Start MiniScope and open a file to display signature summary information. In this example an encoded image file has been opened for display:

Mini scope

Figure 1: Screenshot of Miniscope.

Viewing a signature from sign pro PDF

Extract a signature from SignPro by clicking the signature image with the mouse while pressing the control key (Ctrl-Click). The signature can then be pasted from the clipboard into MiniScope.