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Signature Scope


Wacom-SignatureScope-Demo.exe Windows installer
Combined installer for 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows


SignatureScope Demo provides a set of signature analysis tools. While the Demo version is fully functional, it is limited to signatures captured within the Demo application and it is not possible to import them from another source.

The full version which is able to import existing signatures is available only to registered Forensic Document Examiners.

An important objective in the design of the Signature software was to ensure that the electronic data is superior to inked signatures on paper. The forensic strength of the data is of paramount importance, and means that the data-collection philosophy differs in many respects from competing signature technologies.

A key principle is that during the collection of the signature the software stores the data exactly as it is supplied by the device. Each type of data (i.e. positions, times, pressures etc.) is collected with metric information which describes the units being used by the device, and this is stored with the raw point data to allow the conversion to true units when required. The advantage of this is that the accuracy of the information is determined by the device and cannot be compromised by the conversion process.

In addition to the pen-data, contextual data is collected and stored with the signature. This includes:

  • name of the signatory
  • date and time at which the signature was given
  • reason for signing
  • make and type of digitizer being used
  • type and version of the digitizer driver being used
  • type and version of the operating system of the client PC being used
  • Network Interface Card address of the PC
  • hash type and data used for the document being signed (if used)
  • hash type and data used to control the integrity of the signature data

Some of the forensic data can be accessed and displayed using the published API provided with the signature tools. For detailed forensic analysis the SignatureScope application is available which is intended for use by Forensic Document Examiners.


Download and install Wacom-SignatureScope-Demo.exe. After running the installer a licence must be installed by running the Licensing application:

Start...All Programs...Wacom SignatureScope...License SignatureScope

The application displays a Request code which is unique to the PC:

Email the Request code to to obtain an Authorization code. On receipt paste the code into the field to set the license and complete the installation. For example:

  Details:            Wacom SignatureScope
Request code: AQEYP94sAgQWBgAMKfe1Yg5TaWduYXR1cmVTY29wZQ
Authorization code: AQEi81gbFwQgDlNpZ25hdHVyZVNjb3BlECcHUfEeET5qmSI4UZZLK0k

Electronic Handwritten Signature Data

When a signature is captured on a signature pad using the Wacom Signature Component the following information is stored

  • The movement of the pen during signing is recorded.
    • This is done 133 or 200 times a second, depending on the model
    • At each position the pen pressure is also recorded
    • The position continues to be recorded when the pen leave the pen surface and within a proximity of about 10mm
  • Additional information about the signing process is collected
    • E.g. the signer’s name, the reason for signing, date/time, device ID, the NIC address etc.
  • This information is not available to the normal user
    • The full data is stored
    • Only the image is visible

To access the full data a forensic tool is needed

  • SignatureScope
  • MiniScope

Three applications are available for examining signature data:

Signature Scope

  • Designed for use by Qualified Forensic Document Examiners
  • Give full access to signature data
  • Can be read from external sources such as sign pro
  • Allows captured signatures to be saved
  • Available on application to Wacom – license contract required

Signature Scope Demo

  • Designed for registered customers and sales employees
  • Allows full examination of data captured in current session
  • Cannot load or save signatures externally
  • Available on request from GSDT
  • Machine license required – issued on receipt of machine identifier


  • Designed for users of the Signature SDK
  • Allows signatures to be loaded
  • Use to prove the forensic data is present
  • Displays limited information to avoid possible fraudulent usage
  • Will be supplied with SDK free of charge
  • Waiting for license agreement to be written