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Wacom Ink for Education Bundle

Wacom Ink for Education is Wacom's mission to utilize our technology for improving modern education, digital workflows and constant transformation within education.

Writing material down improves memory retention, learning comprehension, and increases student engagement. Digital ink enables applications to support modern teaching methods. It also combines the intuitive nature and flexibility of the pen with the added value of digital smart workflows.

However, due to various prerequisites and technical resources required, hybrid education use cases are proving to be highly complex when enabling these workflows. To capture all aspects of hardware and software landscapes, solutions utilizing agnostic technology are required.

With Wacom Ink for Education, we are now focusing on 'Pen and Ink enablement' in order to help developers with integrating digital ink capacities into their applications, with a strong focus on education needs.

To enable these workflows in education across multiple devices, we have introduced the Wacom Ink for Education bundle. This bundle has been designed to answer the most common use cases found in modern education, aiding in illustrating complex topics, enabling digital handwriting in apps and providing support for new developments such as text recognition.

The Wacom Ink for Education Bundle includes:

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