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Wacom Ink SDK for signature


Version 2 of the signature SDK for JavaScript has now been released!

Please note that version 1 is now discontinued.

Version 1 users wishing to use the signature SDK for JavaScript should upgrade to version 2. A guide on how to upgrade can be viewed by clicking this link here.

The Wacom Ink SDK for signature allows you to integrate support for Wacom signature pads or pen displays into your applications through the use of the Signature Library. The integration enhances the capture and display of signatures for applications such as banking, credit cards and other identity capture uses. After multiple transactions text and images retain clarity on the screen thanks to Wacom’s SDK and signature pads.

The Signature Library includes the tools necessary to enable applications to capture biometric handwritten signatures with STU series, pen displays, pen tablets and mobile devices – operating with Windows, iOS, Android or on a web browser. The library requires minimal effort to integrate, and automatically renders digital ink, displays dialog boxes, and captures full biometric signature data.

The Wacom SigCaptX Library is an extension of the Windows Signature Library. SigCaptX contains components that allow a signature-enabled web application to be used in a range of browsers. It has been tested with Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

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