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Wacom Ink SDK for verification

The Wacom Ink SDK for verification offers a software-based method of digitally verifying handwritten eSignatures in real time. As such, it helps prevent fraud across a wide range of signature-centric workflows in financial services, healthcare and the public sector, and is far more accurate than visual checks by employees.

It uses and extends the existing verification tools, including:

  • Wacom's Static Signature Verification SDK, for processing scanned images
  • Wacom's Dynamic Signature Verification SDK which handles signatures captured in Wacom's proprietary FSS (Forensic Signature Store) format.

The SDK includes the tools necessary to connect an application such as a CRM system, which is used to store genuine examples of customer signatures, to the SDK’s signature verification engine. When a new handwritten eSignature is captured on a compatible device, the verification engine compares it with a set of genuine examples in real time.

It then generates a simple, highly accurate and instant acceptance or rejection message. This message is based on a comparison score generated by the verification engine of between 0 and 1, where 0 is no match at all, and 1 is an exact match.

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