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Wacom Ink SDK for devices

The Wacom Ink SDK for devices allows you to integrate Wacom hardware and third-party inking devices into your applications. The Common Device Library (CDL) SDK supports the Wacom Smartpads (Folio, Slate), and Intuos Pro Paper Edition. Furthermore, it supports the Apple pencil on iPad Pro. For future releases the support for further Wacom devices as well as inking devices from other vendors will be added. Depending on the device, platform-specific packages are provided for Android, Windows UWP/Desktop, and Web. Further Wacom device support is provided by the Wacom Device Kit.

The CDL is designed as a library capable of handling different types of pen input device. Besides Wacom Devices, third-party devices and touch input will be considered. There are several advantages of this concept:

  • Less implementation effort for developers: integration of one library providing support for several pen input devices,
  • Flexibility as non-Wacom devices are supported,
  • CDL has the option to receive RAW data from the device, allowing the developer to take full advantage of the WILL system for high quality front-end and UI without sacrificing original data for internal / back-end usage,
  • Smooth integration of WILL format in support of Wacom's ecosystem for digital ink and digital stationery

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